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Magnetic Gravity Trader Beauty Instrument

Id: 3489

$ 32.00

$ 50.00


Adjust function, eliminate inflammation, swell, relax nerves, proliferate collagen, and reduce blood pressure
The chest effect is obvious
After vacuum absorption combined with RF principle, it promotes blood circulation, massages the breast, and stimulates the position around the breast
Apply essential oil and other products, adjust the instrument\'s heat energy and suction according to the user\'s needs, and use the gravitational operator
Neck: Brushing from top to bottom, often hanging neck, with a health effect
Back: Scrap dredge from bottom to top
Lower limbs: clear up from the bottom up
Sole: Massage from heel to toe
Thighs: The abdomen is drooped from the lower to the upper abdomen and can also be manipulated using a circular motion
Upper limb: dredge up and down
Legs: Scraping upwards from the lower leg to create a leg shape, eliminating dry legs and eliminating fat from the legs
The default working time of the instrument is: 30 minutes
It will stop working automatically in 30 minutes
It can be used after stopping for 20 minutes, which can effectively extend the life of the instrument
Input voltage: 110V-240V
Operating voltage: 12V
Power: 20 W

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