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210pc Deluxe Sewing Kit Set

Id: 3449

$ 9.00

$ 12.00


Whether you are an experienced tailor or just need some sewing accessories at home, just in case you may need something, this set is for you - Storage case/caddy is ideal to store all your bits and pieces.

This Deluxe Sewing Kit is great collection of sewing items you need at home or out if you are on camping or picnic or in travel, then you must have this set of sewing kit. It contains all the items you need like pin cushion, thimble, tape measure, pins, needles, stitch picker and more!

Key Features

Delux Sewing kit

210 Pieces

Includes Storage caddy

Features - removable storage bins

Bear Pin cusion

Sewing scissors


Tape Measure Pinning Needles

Stitch picker

Brand new

Includes :

Storage Caddy

5 Removable storage bins

58 assorted threads

50 assorted buttons

30 snapping buttons

18 sewing needles

30 safety pinsand more!

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