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Beverly Hills Classic Stencils

Id: 3360

$ 3.00

$ 5.00


five stencils in the pack Ė Petite Arch, Slim High Arch, Medium Arch, High Arch, and Full Arch. You basically line them up to your brow and pick whichever one suits you best. For my first trial I used High Arch, because it seemed to line up best with what Iím already working with.

I found it much easier and quicker to fill in my brows while using the stencil. They donít appear to be twins but they are much more even.

The stencils arenít meant for perfect tracing, but rather something to help steer you into creating YOUR perfect brow. These will give you somewhere to start and provide an easier guide to what will suit your face and your features the best.

I may try a different stencil the next time, but I am very happy with this purchase and feel that Iím well on my way to regaining control of my brows!

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