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Home > Home Appliances > DIY 5-Cube Shoe Cabinet with Doors (Light Blue)

DIY 5-Cube Shoe Cabinet with Doors (Light Blue)

Id: 3346

$ 25.00

$ 40.00


Product details of Tupper Cabinet 5 Cubes Blue DIY Shoe Rack Blue
Tranformable features - Can change into any design that you want!
Way solid than you can imagine!
Each cube cab hold up to 10kgs
Washable- Best Product ever for flood area!
Toxic Free-made from Resin. Safe for babies and kids.
Fresh and attractive
Creativity without Boundaries

Tupper Cabinet is one of the best quality DIY Storage Cabinet which can be found in the online market. These cabinets that come in the form of cubes are suitable for high rise residences and families who are concern about space management within the living space due to its convenient and portable structure. No screwdrivers needed, Tupper cabinets can easily be assembled using just bare hands.

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