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Monlové Support Back Strap Original

Id: 3343

$ 30.00

$ 45.00


Monlové Support Back Strap S \\ M , L / XL
✔ Preventing bad posture ✔ Adjustment with the
back support can easily be corrected
✔ Wearing can easily be hidden under the dress

The whole day session can crush your spine, hold bad, and do not overflow the pain. The sport, at work occurring strains also megkeseríthetik our day. However, this can be easily corrected with the Monlové backing strap. Using the pains will soon disappear.

At the waist you can tighten, tightening under the hands to comfortably adjust. Ideally, the hilt slightly retracts the shoulders, straightens the spine, thereby improving the retention and alleviating the pain. Wearing is not prominent and can be easily hidden under the dress.

Cleaning in a washing machine is not recommended. Neutral material, hand washable.

- Size: L / XL
- Muscle strains , calcifications, joint injuries
- Neck and shoulder muscles complaints
- Sports, work-related strains
- Maintenance improvement
- Neutral material washable
- Unisex for men and women alike.
- Material: 70% neoprene, 30% polyester

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