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Id: 3281

$ 46.00

$ 75.00


Power: 2300 watts
Max. Capacity of the oil: 3200 ml
Max. Temperature: 190
permanent filters
Dishwasher suitable
Measurements: 28 x 46 x 28cm
Weight: 3.65 kg

The stainless steel housing of the fryer provides a solid impression, which is only obscured by the somewhat wobbly and low-stressed control element. Nevertheless, the handling is comfortable. The low-cost cold-zone fryer does not offer a basket lift function (for lifting the fryer basket when the lid is closed), but the lid nevertheless has a small viewing window.

To remove the food to be fried, the lid must be removed completely. It can happen that the condensation, which has formed during the frying process on the lid, drips into the hot fat, which then naturally splashes. So here is some caution. The handles of the Silvercrest cold zone fryer SEF 2300 A1 always remain cool. They can be tackled at any time without any problems.

The fryer does not need to heat up too long and the frying results are good. Since the heating element hangs directly in the oil pan with a cold zone fryer with a little distance to the floor, the oil has a somewhat lower temperature in the lower region of the tub. This has the advantage that foodstuffs which fall down through the frying basket do not burn immediately. The temperature difference, however, does not last long. During the preparation of several portions, the temperature is gradually increasing.

The heating element must, of course, be cleaned by hand after each use. However, the large frying basket and the oil pan of the Silvercrest cold zone fryer can easily be plugged into the dishwasher.

Conclusion on the Silvercrest cold zone fryer SEF 2300 A1

The Silvercrest SEF 2300 A1 is ready for use and delivers good fritting results. In view of the unbeatable low price, it is easy to overlook the small deficiencies in operating comfort. So it is not surprising that the cold zone fryer was awarded a comparative test as a price-performance winner. The more than twice as expensive test winner of Steba was evaluated only insubstantially better.

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