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Juice Wizard

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Juice Wizard is a quick and convenient way of making pure and fresh juice. Just fill the chute with any fruit or vegetable, press, turn Ė and you instantly have a fresh and healthy power drink. The juicer is powerful enough to extract juice from green leafy vegetables as well, giving you a highly nutritious drink that provides you with lots of energy. Juice Wizard gives you more than just powerful beverages. It also allows you to create guilt-free frozen desserts and snacks: create healthy frozen sorbets, or freeze your kidís favorite fruit juice into wholesome ice pops. The possibilities are endless.

Makes Fresh Pure Juice
Strong Suction Base
Detachable Parts
Separate Juice and Pulp
Easy to use and clean
5 Easy Steps to a Healthier You:
Secure, Select, Rank, Separate and Pour

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