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ini 208 Around Eyes Face Massager Reduces Wrinkles Remover

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$ 5.00

$ 8.00


Easy to use proprietary style, safe and reliable Promotes blood circulation around the eyes Reduces dark circles and wrinkles Sensual Full Body Massager Effectively fade fine lines around eyes Powerful micro-vibration massage, up to 4500RPM Handy anti-wrinkle eye physiotherapist has natural stone at the tip of the massager that aids the, nervous system and cardiovascular system Relieves chronic pain sinusitis etc.

Smart and convinient dilute wrinkle clarify look at anytime anyplace.

Quiver 48 times/min, dilute wrinkle, remove redundant flesh, build up the elasticity of facial flesh and shin, advance the circulation of facial blood and the metabolism of the cell.

Key Feature

Mini physical therapist for facial skin care. Anti wrinkle by electrical pulse
Low frequency pulse. 3 modes: on, off, open
Promote the blood micro-circulation of face. Attenuate wrinkle and bags underneath the eyes
Improve the quality and smoothes of skin. Redesign the form of face. Help you reveal recent.


Size: 30mm*124mm(L*H)
Material: PC + ABS
Consume Power: 0.5W
Battery: 1 x AA (Not Include)

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