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Benice Losing Fat Belt

Id: 3110

$ 65.00

$ 110.00


Massage Pro Benice Only Slimming Belt with Dual Motor for Maximum Efficacy
High Performance Slimming Belt
Slims Each Different Part of Body.
Premium Fabric Quality
Slims Abdomen Area , Thighs , Back , Calf
High Performance Slimming Belt Provides , Dual Motor For Maximum Effect, 3 heat levels to help promote blood circulation Ideal for swimming, relaxing and exercising Auto or manual mode with 5 levels of speed for each mode Programmable remote control for speed and direction A system of vigorous elliptic oscillating motions Slims each different part of the body Slims Abdomen area, Shoulders, Thighs, Back, Calf With 10 minutes treatment everyday, it will help slim your body effectively

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