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Sokany Facial Ionic Steamer

Id: 3066

$ 28.00

$ 45.00


This facial steamer is just what you need to keep your face hydrated. It is also portable which means you can place it anywhere for you to use. Now you don\'t have to spend a lot to keep your face properly moisturized, all you need is this facial steamer!

It can cleanse deep layers of skin, discharge toxins as well as replenish moisture.

Nano-ionic steams lets you easily perform skin care at home.

It is more easily for deeply cleaning skin and discharging toxins under effect of heated steam to make skin more transparent, fair and clean.

Simply and conveniently used with one-key operation and you can perform comfortable care of an aesthetic salon in your own home.Nano-ionic steam penetrates deeply into skin to quickly moisturize skin and supplement skin moisture.

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