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Twister Sweeper - Elektrovenik (Tvister Sviper)

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Made to make your life easier, invented in the USA. Cleaning is one of the most uninteresting and tiring occupations. Twister Sweeper (Twister Sweeper) allows you to spend your time with enthusiasm
That\'s what we got, replacing the noisy vacuum cleaner, the universal Twister Sweeper - a powerful garbage collector, light, agile, fast, noiseless. It passes where other devices do not pass because there is a sliding system in it, instead of wheels on 3 sides, rotating brushes are built in. Twister Sweeper easily slides on any surface and collects garbage in any direction. Rotating 360 degrees head allows you to remove debris in all hard-to-reach places. If you are tired of tearing furniture in different directions, then Twister Sweeper (Sliver Sweeper) will be able to slip under the cabinet and into any narrow opening.
Suitable for careful quick cleaning of fleecy surfaces, (carpets etc.) moving on any wet surface, easy to clean debris from the surfaces of tiles, glides on the parquet, without damaging the appearance. Unlike other devices that remove dirt from one side only, Twister Sweeper has a three-sided cleaning technology, so it cleans the front, back and both sides. He also has brushes for corners and edges that collect rubbish right at the edge of the wall. Twister Sweeper is noiseless and so light that you can control it with one hand
with one hand. It will easily remove the room not of small dimensions, and at the same time it is not dependent on power supply, it can be used, even where there are no outlets. A strong and easy-to-handle handle is adjustable to any position you prefer. Removing the battery does not take you much time and to recharge the battery. Garbage is collected in a separate compartment and is easily released.
Twister Sweeper Twister Sweeper can be used for both house cleaning and office premises. It is designed for not a small amount of work. After the work done, it easily folds and does not take up much storage space, unlike conventional vacuum cleaners

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