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New 360 Degree Rotation Multifunctional Laptop Table Adjustable Foldable Notebook PC Desk High Quality Portable PC Desk hot

Id: 3059

$ 29.00

$ 46.00


This is a sophisticated design, exquisite workmanship, humanized high notebook computer dest. At the same time, it can also used for other purpose. It is strong bonding and flexible, can be due to different size for different uses. LIke a transformers.

Desk with mouse table and USB fans Stylish and perfect design
Solid and durable construction
Random shift, free adjustment, auto-lock joint
A big cooling fan equipped to provide coolness for your notebook
3 knobs on each folding leg to adjust different height to meet your need, and the 360revolve provides high flexibility
Two small-sized adjustable boards effectively stop your notebook from slipping
With a removable mouse holder
Suitable for 17\" laptop or smaller
Suitable for bed, sofa, desk, carpet or lawn


Material: Magnesium and Aluminum alloy
Maximum carry weight: 20kg
Table Size: 460x260
Color: black
Hight: adjustable from 0-520mm
Angle: adjustable from 0-360 degree

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