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Small Dolphin Shaped Handheld Massager

Id: 3013

$ 3.00

$ 10.00


Eliminate fatigue caused by fierce sports and relax muscles.
2.Eliminate ache caused by unsmooth blood circulation.
3.Eliminate shoulder spasms caused by sleep stiff neck.
4.Ball round massage head suitable for whole body massage.
5.Far infrared function ,burning fat ,improve blood circulation.
6.Streamline design, elegant appearance,comfortable handle.

Product Function:
1.To remove fatigue and relax tense muscle caused by fierce physical movement.
2.To ease pains caused by long-term unsmooth blood circulation.
3.To cure shoulder convulsion caused by stiff neck.
4.To relieve ache caused by rheumatism.
5.To give the user a therapy featuring infrared heat.

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