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Multipurpose Car Cup Holder

Id: 2966

$ 7.00

$ 10.00


The Multipurpose Car Cup Holder is a mug shaped multipurpose holder that can be placed in the car to hold various items like phone, glasses, bottle, mugs etc. It is easy to operate and install and can be closed when not in use. It offers a good grip and prevents slipping of any materials making it one of the most compact storage solution for your car.


5 in 1 Multi Cup Car Holder shaped like a mug.
Silicone pads on the top prevents slipping of phone and provides it a good grip.
Also helps in holding of glasses.
Small or large cups, tumblers and bottles can be placed in the circles below.
Insert coin, put fragrances and other accessories underneath the circular plate.
It can be folded when not in use.

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