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White Light Tooth Teeth Whitening System

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$ 7.00

$ 25.00


While people often spend thousands on creams, facials, and more to maintain their youth, they overlook the importance in their beauty regime of their teeth.

You flash your teeth every time you smile. Imagine what impression you would make if your teeth were stained or discoloured! Most of us would frown upon discoloured teeth giving the impression of bad daily hygiene and unattractiveness.

Avoid such mishappening by maintaining white teeth for the perfect smile.

Make sure you don\\\'t make your employer, employees or boyfriend run away the minute you flash your teeth.

Invest in this White Light Revolutionary Tooth Whitening System which incorporates light technology to whithen your teeth fast.

White Light will make your teeth whiter in as little as 10 minutes.

Designed to use at home and extremely easy to use, smile with conviction!

Package included:

1 x Light Transmitter

1 x Advance Dental Tray

1 x Secrets to a Beautiful Smile Booklet

2 x Lithium Batteries

2 x Dental Gels

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