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Massage mat / massage cushion / massage cushion / heating / 9 motor lying massage pad / big boxes

Id: 2767

$ 36.00

$ 90.00


Full Body Far Infrared Massage Mat pad cushion seat mattress
Luxurious silky quilted mat massager with heat
Massage Mat Luxurious Silky Quilted Mat With Soothing Heat
Support Pillow
Massage Neck & Shoulders
Massage Upper & Lower Back
Soothing Lumbar Heat
Massage Legs
Massage Calves
Dual Speed Controller
9-Massage Motors
4 Massage Zones
Reverse Mat
Luxurious silky- quilted mat with soothing heat
2 mats-in-1 Reversible
Massages, Soothing Heat, Support Pillow, Controller, Reversible Mat, Massage Zones & Home Adaptor
Looks nice, wide application of the crowd.
2. Intelligent design, built-in five high-frequency massage ball.
3. Can be controlled by pressing the corresponding key parts of a massage ball, to achieve personalized massage combinations.
4. Double-sided design to meet the needs of different aesthetic. Cover metarial is mutispandex.
5. May relieve discomfort and reduce pain, relieve fatigue, relax body and mind quickly.
6. To promote smooth body meridians, enhance immune cell activity and enhance the brain self-regulation.
7. Can accelerate blood circulation, increase cellular oxygen supply, improving anemia, poor circulation has a good supporting role.
8. Frequently used as the human endocrine, and enhance skin elasticity, improve sleep and improve digestion with some support.
9. Adoption of international standards for external power adapter, safe and reliable.

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