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​​6-Pcs Not Stick Cookware Set

Id: 2765

$ 18.00

$ 45.00


This versatile 3 Piece Cookware Set lets you cook several dishes at once in portions large and small. Easy to handle, easy to clean, and durable, these pans will help cook healthy meals. Be prepared for your upcoming cooking needs with this non-stick cookware set. Made of high quality material, with sturdy handles and can be used with gas and electric stove tops. The set contains 3 cooking pots and a lid for each.

- Three layer non-stick coating that ensures residue-free cooking

- 3 mm thick aluminum body for longer life

- High temperature resistant coating withstands temperature

- Sturdy and impact resistant design

- 3 pots size: 18/20/22cm, Height 9.5/9/8.5cm

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