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Child Pink Butterfly Wings Kit

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$ 2.00

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One day she wants to be a fairy and the next day a butterfly. Kids! But now you can make both her dreams come true with the Pink Butterfly Fairy Child Costume. The ruffled satin dress and pink butterfly shaped wings are light and magical to help aid flight, ensuring that this little fairy will be able to spread her magic throughout the neighborhood. And if you lose track of your butterfly fairy while she is out dancing and playing melodies with the other magical creatures, just leave some fresh flowers out or laugh rather loudly. Both are known to attract fairies including, hopefully, yours!

A.Material:Velvet,satin,bridal tulle,organza
B.Includes wings,Tiarra ,and fairy tail Stick
C.Size : 1-12 years old girls

Weight: 0.03 KG

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