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360 Easy Clean Rotating Spin Magic Hurricane Mop Micro Fiber Head Bucket Wider

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With the 360 Magic Spin Mop, you\'ll never have to bend your back while mopping the floor! All you have to do is give it a couple of dunks in the bucket, place it in the basket and push down. The centrifugal force spins more than ONE THOUSAND RPMs to dry the mop for you! The special head creates a powerful gravity defying suction that literally inhales the mess off the floor and into the mop and it\'s machine washable so you can use it over and over again. It\'s great for any type of floor! And, with its 360-degree swivel head, you can clean in the corners, clean the sides of the baseboards, go underneath the refrigerator, even clean WITHOUT moving the furniture. The super light alloy mop handle can lie flat so that you can clean underneath your beds and couches comfortably.
NO foot pedal to break or cause leaks, no trying to balance on one leg while stepping, mop head dries better, extra durable handle
Microfiber mop head works great on wet or dry 360 swivel head reaches all corners of your room & pivots under furniture so you don\'t have to bend!
Environmentally friendly - every mop head pops off & can be washed up to 300 times! Self-wringing mop that easily spins dry with a gentle push on the handle. Hands stay dry, no bending, and cuts 50% in cleaning time.
Gets hair, dirt & dust so you don\'t have to sweep, bend over or touch a dirty mop again! Spin Mop - 1 Pole and 2 mop heads
Dimensions: 10.50 H x 11.00 W x 18.50 L inches
Color: Blue , Pistache
What\'s Included
1 x Mop Pole 2 x Mop heads 1 x Mop Bucket

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