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Bare Lifts - As Seen On TV Instant Breasts Lifts

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$ 2.50

$ 10.00


Bare Lifts provide an instant solution to better support. Now, you can wear the bra you like without worrying about lack of support. It provides a naturally perky look. It provides an invisible, strapless look so you won\'t have to worry about bra straps or back bulges. The Bare Lifts work great on all breast sizes. When you use the Bare Lifts with a bra, it helps to reduce the pulling and slipping of straps. It helps to lift your breast and realign the nipple to provide a sexy, youthful look. They will help you look great in any dress or outfit.

Using Bare Lifts is extremely easy. Simply place, peel and gently lift to get the shape, support and confidence you deserve. Bare Lifts use a specially formulated adhesive that sticks to your skin but won\'t hurt when you peel them off. They are waterproof so you can wear them under bathing suits and work up to 24 hours.

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