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Disco + Elastic Exerciser Works Waist And Arms

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Incredible waist exercise ideal for modeling your figure. Its elastic bands also allow you to strengthen your arms and legs.
High level waist spinning device, is a new generation new bodybuilding product that was developed based on a series of high level of sports articles.
1 It is by weight users, stepping on the massage mat which was designed by a special material, the sole of the foot can be stimulated by the four sides, with the conduction of the terminal nerve and the effect of magnetic therapy for Awaken the body\'s motive power.
2 With the help of magnetic therapy by turning the waist on both sides from left to right and carry out the effect of the magnetic wave around the body with the second rotation the electric current is produced in the cell of the human body. Excess fat and toxin can be removed from the human body (especially the waist and abdomen). Therefore, it will give you strength, an attractive and healthy appearance.
This product is safe and reliable to use. It has a compact structure. Its appearance is elegant and fashionable; Is suitable for the family (room, balcony, patio, garden) in public places (parks, gym, bathrooms and hotels). It can be installed and used freely.

Made from polypropylene
Approximate diameter: 25 cm
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