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3-in-1 360' Rotation Hand Propelled Sweeper Broom Dustpan No Electricity

Id: 2683

$ 18.00

$ 40.00


Easy way to clean, sweeping
New generation of multi function cleaning product
Suitable for synthetic flooring, solid wood flooring, marble floors, floor coverings, floor tiles and any other flat surface
Adjustable handle height, does not required electricity
Suitable to clean hair, pet hair, bits of paper and other debris
Once cleaning is completed, pull the rear surface of the chassis pull ring, the inner lid opens automatically to throw away the debris

- Color: mainly green.
- Material: durable ABS and aluminum alloy.
- Handle length: about 42-97cm (retractable design for adjustment).
- 100% brand new and high quality 3-in-1 multifuctional hand-push type dust mop floor sweeper.
- Three-in-one design: broom, ,dust shovel and trash can.
- Easy to operate: 360-degree rotating, lightly push on the ground debris swept awsy.
- 3 roller brush, high-quality bristle, high-quality nylon, clear corners, does not hurt the ground.
- Suitable for any hard flat floor (wooden floor, plastic floor, marble, ceramic tile, cement floor and so on, except the carpet.
- The whole enclosed storage containers, to prevent the debris fall out, clean, clear and more convenient.
- No power supply, energy-saving and environment-friendly

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