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All Round Waist Protection

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$ 18.00

$ 50.00


Dual function of the heating pad and magnet, long term used can protect your waist.
The heating and magnet, relieve the discomfort of waist, make waist warm.
Easy to carry, enjoy the belt at home, travel, office & driving.
Three pads suit for different needs and seasons. Self heating pad to keep warm, coral velvet pad soft keep warm, honeycomb breathable mat moisture. Comfortable in summer. Sticky buckle design, can adjust the size, make can last longer.
Use hot towel clean the thermal moxibustion mat, then directly put on to the skin, the skin gradually heat within 20 minutes. Sticking more closely more better. Use twise a day, every time 1-3 hours according to thier own circumstances to use massage, except sleeping.
Feeling burning sensation or redness while you use on the skin, Feeling strong sense of hotness, acupuncture or itch, all both normal phenomenon.Shorten the time of using. It\'s not harm to the skin. Harvesting energy will stay in the body for a period of time, it will also feel the heat, insist on using period of time can improve the itching, or shorten the time of using.

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