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Universal Multifunction Car Seat Bag - Black

Id: 2636

$ 5.00

$ 20.00


Keeping your car or truck tidy is easy with this convenient Auto Seat Organizer. With its adjustable quick-lock fastener and twin draw strings, it attaches easily to virtually any seat.
Containing multiple storage compartments and see-thru mesh pockets, this durable nylon organizer also features unique accents like umbrella loops and beverage holders.

The waterproof multifunction car back seat storage bag is a durable handy organizer to keep all your things in order and avoid clutter inside your car. This multifunction organizer consists of water bottle holder, mesh bag to keep your snacks, magazines and others. It has also a special pen holder so you can easily reach for it when you want to write something. It is waterproof and the material and design used is guaranteed to be leak and spill proof.

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