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Set 2 benzi LED autoadezive Stick N Click Flexi Lites

Id: 2629

$ 9.00

$ 20.00


Your home needs a highly efficient and over-ocean product, namely LED Stick N Click Flexi Lites.

It consists of 2 LED strips that can take any shape, depending on your needs.

Enjoy fast and efficient lighting in an easy and efficient way, without the need for tools, with Stick N Slick Flexi Lites!

The 2 Flexi Lites set is easy to install where you need: garage, closet, kitchen, closet, trunk etc.

Just detach the adhesive tape, stick the LED strips and turn them on (each tape needs 3 AAA batteries, not included).

Additional Information Flexi Lites Stick N Slick

- It fits perfectly into curved areas or difficult angles
- Self adhesive adhesive system
- ultra thin, discreet design
- 9 ultra-bright LEDs for each band
- LED lifetime: over 100,000 hours
- 3 AAA batteries are used for each strip operation
- Band length: 2 x 30.5cm

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