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Sandwich maker Sokany sandwich KT-206B

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With the hustle and bustle of life, saving time is essential. Especially breakfast, is a very important meal for the family. Choosing sandwiches is a top priority for families in their bright menu because of the convenience and energy required for a day of hard work. With the sandwich maker Sonaky KT-206B, you will have pieces of delicious bread and hot crispy, fragrant just save time, cost, as well as ensure the health of the whole family.

Designed specifically for sandwiches, the machine has 2 slots for pancakes to bake. You only have to wait 5-10 minutes to have the delicious bread, when the nine wheels will automatically be pushed out extremely convenient.

The machine automatically disconnects the power and pushed the wheels up when the golden gear in the original installation mode, the case uses high quality plastic, good insulation, ensuring the user safety. In addition, KT-206B has the function of reheating and defrosting, which helps to create colorful cakes with delicious taste for the whole family. Designed small, luxurious to fit all your kitchen space. Highlights: - Cooked cake, yellow color, not burned. - The cake is not attached to the mold, easy to remove. - Removable crate tray for easy cleaning, easy cleaning. - Power 800W and 2 slots can bake 2 pieces at the same time very quickly - Multi-Function: defrost, reheat and uninstall - Long and wide grills suitable for a variety of cakes - Insulated casing and automatic shut off when the cake is cooked - The machine has a thermal relays system. - Compact form. - Easy to use and hygienic.

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