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All Open 8-in-1 Multi-Purpose Opener & Kitchen Tool

Id: 2533

$ 5.00

$ 18.00


All Open cuts down on space in your kitchen drawer and looks great, too. Its stunning design and stylish available colors make it one to display on your counter top and the one tool you’ll want within easy access.


Makes opening virtually any bottle, can or jar a breeze!
Safe to use (no sharp edges)
Comfortable in your hands
Easy to handle and ergonomically designed
Compact for easy storage
Works with bottles, cans and jars of all shapes and sizes
Effortless and easy-to-use so it\\\'s great for seniors and arthritis sufferers
Product Dimension: 10 x 6.25 inches

Works Well With:

Wine bottles
Beer bottles
Pop bottles
Water bottles
Small, medium, large and oversized jars
Jars that have been vacuum sealed
Pop cans
Cans and tins with pull tabs
Medicine bottles or caps

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