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Electric Dualetto Food Processor Double Chopper

Id: 2528

$ 28.00

$ 50.00


The new Dualetto is a sensational! It offers you an endless variety of food preparing. Prepare easily: fine salads, sauces and parfaits – even if you take vegetables, fruits or meat – you can easily prepare everything! To stir, to blend, to grate, to chop, to crash, to puree! Use Dualetto to grate rolls, bread, chocolate, parmesan cheese, horseradish, ginger

Dualetto Food Processor As Seen On TV Easily grinds nuts, cereals, coffee and spices as well as hard or soft cheeses for dips,
pestos, salsas, sauces and toppings… -great for preparing baby food, milk shakes, salad dressings, crash ice, frappe, mashed potatoes, and grinding of nuts, coffee beans, rolls, bread, chocolate, cereals, etc. With Dualetto you can make delicious frappés, milkshakes and light creamy desserts. Use frozen fruits to make natural fruit ice cream or sorbets.

1 Douline motor unit
1 Safety lid
1 lid collar
2 blade sticks
1 bowl
2 blades
2 blade supports
2 whipping attachments
1 Instruction manual
1 Douline Recipe book

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