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Car Vacuum Cleaner Air Pump Combo 2 in 1 The Inflator

Id: 2497

$ 18.00

$ 50.00


Car Vacuum Cleaner Air Pump Combo,Easy to carry Using a car cigarette lighter power supply, quick to automobile, motorcycle tire inflator Readily detected tire pressure, reduce fuel consumption
300 psi air compressor and power cleaner be assembled in one compact unit
30 high pressure air hose with quick release Valve connector and gauge
10 feet power cord with universal plug/with inflate/vacuum reverse swith

1 place connector on valve stem of car tire and compressor
2 push connector toward valve stem and close thumb latch important:make sure connector is pushed on to valve stem as for as possible before closing thumb latch
3 plug power cord into cigarette lighter receptacle of vehicle . rotate plug left to right several times to right several times to assure good electrical connections
4 push swith to com position
5 check pressure with the pressure gauge when desired pressure is reached ,push swith to off(middle )position ,open thumb latch and remove connector from valve stem Unplug power cord
important:always leave the thumb latch in the open position when storing unit
to use vacuum cleaner
1push swith to vac position ,unit be started cleaning work
2 when work finished , push switch to off (middle)position
3 push release button to release front cover from unit for cleaning dust inside
compressor runs slowly
1 overheated from excessive use ,shut it off and leave it cool for 30 minutes
2 voltage too low ,check condition of battery

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