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Shake N Take 3

Id: 2397

$ 15.00

$ 40.00


You always hear people say that you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. This, however, apparently doesn’t apply to milkshakes, such that it doesn’t stop smoothie drinkers from whimpering when they stain their shirt as they’re transferring their processed drink from blender to glass. Be resistant to one of the little gags thrown by fate with today’s MetroDeal: Shake N Take 3 Single Bottle for P679 instead of P1499.

This blender is an easy-to-operate, highly efficient machine. Anyone can just blend the ingredients then pop the portable cup and run amok with it everywhere. Since you blend right in the bottle you drink from, there’s hardly any clean-up. Crushing ice and fruit instantly, Shake N Take can also be used to serve healthy snack dips, protein shakes, and cocktail blends, to name a few. It comes with a convenient flip-top straw that allows you to drink from the same container right after blending. What’s more, the portable cup fits in all standard car cup holders.

Experiment with different ingredients to find the best nutritious smoothie for you. With today’s Metrodeal, you can make lip-smacking, healthy drinks and still be on the go.

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