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New Nail Art Acrylic False Clipper Edge Cutter Tips Cutter Manicure Tool Uv Ge

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$ 2.00

$ 8.00


Description 3 brand newpink 3-way acrylic manicure uv gel false edge nails art clipper cuticle cuttersuitable for all nail types and extensionsdifferent cutting styles: well-cut/ straight-edge/ round edge++? These clippers are ideal for artificial fingernails. They have been designed to clip acrylic nails to the desired length without putting pressure on the curve of the nail.
Feature: 100% brand new weight:60g color: pink material: stainless steel durable spring which can be used for long time. Easy to use, saving time smooth cutting blade suitable for professional salon use or home use. Professional nail clipper for acrylic false nails / artificial nails / natural nails.
Sharp edge to cut the nails into desirable length & styles, e. G. Well-cut, straight-edge, round edge, etc. How to use well-cut well-cut is made before tip is applied to nail.
Hold edge cutter at 45? Angle to loose tip, with body of edge cutter in palm of your hand. Insert...

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